Our History

ICAN was founded in 2009 with the idea to work with local cable providers across the state of Iowa to provide affordable and effective advertising to local businesses.  The initial operation was located in Marion, Iowa,  and included just two employees, a handful of clients, and a couple of cable providers.


Almost ten years later ICAN partners with dozens of independent cable providers across the states of Iowa and South Dakota, serving hundreds of communities.  Our client base has grown to include national clients, political candidates, and hundreds of local businesses working to promote their products and services.


Our Mission

Our goal is to make affordable, effective, and reliable cable advertising available to businesses of all sizes.  Whether you’re a large national chain, or a small family-owned diner, ICAN can reach the audience you’re looking for.  We use a combination of geographic targeting, advanced market and demographic research, and experience to ensure your message reaches the right viewers at the right time.




Community Cable Advertising

Community Cable Advertising is all about maximizing exposure and minimizing costs.  Customize your message to reach the right people in the right community, and eliminate costly wasted coverage.  We effectively help our clients increase their return on investment.



ICAN, Inc. works exclusively with local, independent cable operators. This means our operators are highly engaged in the communities they serve.

Midwesterners have a strong bond with independence and support their local companies. Our operators maintain some of the highest market penetrations in the country.

Since we work with numerous community oriented companies, our technology infrastructure is designed to target the communities you want to reach with pinpoint accuracy, helping you increase efficiency. Reach the communities that fit your strategy.

Cable Advertising

Cable subscribers are consistently more upscale, with higher household incomes and spending power, making them attractive targets for your products and services.

Homes that subscribe to TV now represent more than 75 percent of all American households.

Cable subscribers watch more television: approximately 60 hours per week, vs. about 42 hours of non-subscribers.

Cable allows you to place your message in specific programs that match the lifestyles and interests of your target customers.