Frequently Asked Questions

We know that advertising decisions are some of the most important and difficult decisions you can make as a company.  Here are some of the common questions that we hear from businesses interested in advertising on our systems.

What is the difference between cable and broadcast?

Although both cable and broadcast networks deliver television shows to your TV set at home, the similarities pretty much end there.

Broadcast networks such as ABC, NBC, and CBS are delivered for free to every TV set that can receive their signal.  Broadcast networks are almost entirely funded by advertising dollars (this allows them to deliver their content for free).   The broad reach of these networks and their reliance on ad revenue generally causes their rates to be higher than other medias.

Cable television networks are delivered to homes that pay a subscription fee to the cable company.  This means that most of cable companies’ revenue comes from subscriptions, allowing them to charge less for ad placement.  There are hundreds of different cable networks out there, each providing different flavors of content to the viewer (think HGTV vs. Comedy Central).  This allows the client to air their commercial during programming that is relevant to their business.

How do I get a commercial on the air?

The short answer is we can do it for you!  In order for your commercial to air you need just two things:

  1. A commercial- Many of our clients are first-time TV advertisers and don’t have a commercial ready to air.  ICAN has a great production department that can write, produce, and create a commercial tailored to your message.  If you already have a commercial that you’ve used in the past or if you want to create one yourself you can simply upload the file to our Content Management Portal and forget about it, we’ll do the rest!
  2. An advertising schedule- Our account executives’ job is to listen to your needs and work within your budget to create the most effective and affordable schedule for your business.  ICAN has the resources and experience to help you shape the best schedule to meet your needs.
Does it really work?

This question is best answered by our clients.  Head over to the testimonials page to see what they’re saying about ICAN!